The WTC is home to people from all corners of the world. Citizens of the world, all with different ‘roots’. Our constant online and offline travels change our view of the world. This keeps widening our knowledge of other countries and cultures. This mix of cultures forms the basis of the interior concept:


The main space is divided into four islands that are based on different regions of the world: Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. The space on level two houses one island. Each island features a carpet pictured with an aerial photograph by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. For his photography, he regularly flies in a hot air balloon to explore the surroundings from above – this is how he took his first aerial photos. In 1991 he founded Altitude, the first press agency to establish an image bank for aerial photography. In 2006 this image bank contained 300,000 aerial photos, taken during more than 3000 hours of flying time, over more than 100 countries. We’ve imagined Arthus-Bertrand’s air balloon as white, translucent semi-circle forms suspended high in the space. It gives the feeling of floating above the earth again. Each island has a display cabinet that showcases objects related to the cultures of that specific world region. Moreover, we’ve chosen the interior colour palette and furniture pieces to correspond with the atmosphere of every region. 

An avenue with abstract trees passes between and connects the different islands, and also break up the high space. To further emphasise the impression of a back garden, we’ve integrated living plants into various spaces..

Christiaan Huijg - managing director WTC Amsterdam
Jean-Pierre Spierts - asset manager CBRE Global Investors about Pubblik & Vos

From a large, high, impersonal and under-utilised space, the central hall of the H/I tower at WTC in Amsterdam was transformed into a place where people like to meet, to work and to have a bite. One of the users who used to work at Spaces actually called it ‘the pearl of Amsterdam' – a bit of an exaggeration perhaps ;-) but I think it does show how well the design by Pubblik&Vos has been received by the users of WTC. A great compliment for Pubblik & Vos! 


Marjolein Bangma

Tessa Vos

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