Marjolein Bangma


I can be really blown over when I walk into an interior and everything just feels right - then it’s love at first sight! I’ve collected a list of favourite hospitality venues from around the world where I love to visit: LAN, Bocca Grande, Soho House, Ett Hem, La Mercerie and Hotel Sanders to name a few. These are places where everything comes together and that offer the ultimate guest experience. After my visits there, I’m usually on cloud nine for a couple of weeks. These are the experiences we seek to capture in our designs. To achieve this, I approach a project through the eyes of the guest. What do you see when you enter? Where would you prefer to sit? At which spot can you work the best? Where are you invited to order a beer or coffee? And what is it that really makes this space - this is the question I keep asking during the design process. Because by having that answer, which is different for every location, you make sure that everything feels fight. And people stay longer than they intended to. To conceive all this beforehand in detail - that’s what gives me a kick.


Tessa Vos


“As long as I can remember I’ve been preoccupied by form, quality and authenticity – I believe strongly in this. I’m prepared to cycle kilometres away for the most delicious bread in town, the best coffee or a really good store. If I’m going out to eat, what’s essential for me, besides the quality of the food and the company, is the interior and atmosphere in a restaurant. If it’s really good then I’ll be back for sure as your most loyal customer – I’ll be spreading the word. This characterises my view on life but definitely also my way of working and why I do what I do. It stems from a passion to do and make fantastic things. I’m creative, original, thorough and efficient. I have an associative and visual way of thinking that enables me to make connections and to tell a story - in the widest sense of the word.”.

Gabriel Aranda

Gabriel Aranda

Interior architect

Meet our ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ of 2D drafting and 3D modelling. With his knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and precision, every project is in good hands.

Caroline Hoffmann

Caroline Hoffmann

Interior designer

As modest as she is, Caroline knows how to design beautiful, detailed interiors with her good taste and refined way of working.

Plus, her gorgeous handwriting is the envy of the office!

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Marjolein Bangma

Tessa Vos


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