First built in 1890 as a residence and then used as an event space, the building became neglected in later years. It’s now beautifully renovated and reconstructed into a city café and boat house where life can be celebrated to its fullest. 
For this special project we devised a concept that showcases the four seasons of the year, in relation to the four different sections of Welgelegen: the villa, conservatory, garden with greenhouse and boathouse. The concept also celebrates the history and memories so dear to many people here. Just as life experiences seasons, here there will be sunny moments with bright blue skies to autumn storms, sub-zero temperatures and everything in between. 
The initial concept was spot on, and thereafter we translated this into the design for the interior, identity, menus and website, in close collaboration with the client.  


Claudia & Wiljon Wellink (owners) about Pubblik&Vos:

Our motto at Welgelegen is, ‘Celebrate life in all respects, and enjoy’. We really enjoyed working with Marjolein and Tessa. Thanks to our intensive collaboration, we achieved the maximum possible result! Pubblik&Vos makes sure you remain sharp and professional. As a result Welgelegen has become ‘the place to be’. It is timeless but still hip, with a casual but urban appeal. Our guests feel very comfortable in the interior, which makes them stay longer than they originally intended to!


Marjolein Bangma

Tessa Vos

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Post and visiting address

Studio B29
Pubblik & Vos
Krelis Louwenstraat 1-B29
1055 KA Amsterdam

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