Storytelling through interior design. After the story follows the design: from the layout to the furniture and lighting.

Whereby, as in a good story, every design process comprises a start, middle and end.


In order to fully understand the ambitions of our clients, we first take them on a journey. We visit carefully chosen locations, we cycle through the city, have lunch together and start the conversation: We go on tour. After this, we start crafting the story in words and images. A process of writing and finding visual references. Intuitive, committed and curious. And we explore this process for as long as it’s needed. This generates the soul of the design, its DNA. The reason why you attract the right visitors and why they feel good there. And want to return, again and again.


The story is the connecting element of everything that follows such as the layout. Functional but also surprising and fitting with the story. A matter of trial and error, fine-tuning and reworking. First in 2D and then in 3D where we interweave the colour and material palette, furniture and lighting. We work with attention and care towards implementing the design, which is necessary because this phase involves making choices that make a major impact on the final result. Often it’s in the details; details regarding the right treatment or finishing. These are aspects that can make or break a design.


This the part we call ‘Designing Imperfection’. The result is the complete picture with a raw charm. A beautiful old cabinet, art, special crockery or a series of unique lamps. It’s the cherry on the cake, the elements that complete the story. And not completely slick but with an edge. In this way we create and produce spaces that people want to be in. To work, to socialise, to sleep, to dine and to drink. But also the name and visual identity form part of this. And the story also remains the main guiding element in this specific phase. In this way, DNA of the story is interwoven into all parts of the design. We are led by knowledge and intuition. We are committed and curious. And keep continuing until we get it right.




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