This iconic brewery with tasting room in Amsterdam is managed enthusiastically by two rather stubborn friends. Brouwerij ‘t IJ’s beers became a big success and count as some of the best beers in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that the tasting room already had the right atmosphere and it should absolutely not become overly trendy, the renovation nevertheless offered an opportunity to rethink the interior. It was a fantastic, challenging commission given that the tasting room, which has stayed open every day for six consecutive years, had to close for four days for the renovation. In close cooperation with the entrepreneurs, and a little patience from the regular clients, we succeeded to complete a refreshed and extended tasting room which opened on 13 February 2015.

Bart Obertop (co-owner) about Pubblik & Vos

For me, what stands out in the final result is that the original features have been enhanced. All my concerns about preserving the atmosphere turned out to be completely unnecessary, since even the most critical of my regular clients haven’t complained about the changes. My fear that the interior would become too polished proved unfounded.


Marjolein Bangma

Tessa Vos

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Pubblik & Vos
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