A response to a newspaper cutting for ‘boxes for sale’ has grown into a successful family business now in operation for 40 years. In 2017, a new premises was built in Dronten with an eye to the future. Using interior design, we want to create a place that celebrates the past and where Bangma Packaging’s products become part of the design. But above all, we wanted to create a place where everyone in the team can work for the coming 40 years with energy and pride for the company’s achievements.

Jan Bangma (owner) about Pubblik & Vos

While it may seem obvious to ask your daughter’s company to design your office, we were also a bit anxious about it. Fortunately it worked out very well, and it became a process that I look back on with pride. They ought to adopt as their slogan: ‘designing perfection.’ Because that really applies to how they approach a large project like this. They control the process and the product down to the smallest details. Even the mayor of Dronten was very impressed with the result. We recommend them, wholeheartedly


Marjolein Bangma

Tessa Vos


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Studio B29
Pubblik & Vos
Krelis Louwenstraat 1-B29
1055 KA Amsterdam

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